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Thanks for stopping to take a look how NLP training can change your life. I am here to offer the best quality NLP training courses that I can;  whether you want to use it for personal development, business, coaching or therapy.

In these increasingly fast moving, complicated and competitive world, it is the quality of our thinking that will set us apart – A sudden creative idea; the ability to critically evaluate a situation and creatively solve a problem; the strength of your communication skills.

We firmly believe that Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) offers some of the most powerful tools to achieve these aims.

Before you decide to book on one of my life-changing courses, please take the time to look around, listen and most importantly enjoy what you find.

When you have decided to book you can do so online, or you can contact me using the details on the right.

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The UK's Most Innovative NLP Training Company

Matt Caulfield Training is one of the UK's leading NLP training providers and has taught 100's of people NLP in the 10 years he has been training.

Also looking at developing and innovating in NLP, here are just some of the 1st's he has acheived:

  • 1st

    Training Company in Birmingham

    Matt Caulfield founded the first dedicated NLP training company in Birmingham, the UK's second city, in 2003.

  • 1st

    NLP Training Company To Offer Follow Up Support

    We recognised the need of trainees to spend sufficiant "flytime" in the real world embed their NLP skills. Unlike most companies that just their trainees loose, we offer follow up one to one coaching, audio recordings and pdf follow up manuals and guide.

  • 1st

    To Offer An iPad With Learning Materials

    Paper manuals are so old hat! We started using iPads loaded with learning materials in 2011. All trainees receive a complmentary iPad when attending our courses.

  • 1st

    To Offer A Full Audio Recording Of Your Course

    We give an mp3 recording of the whole course you attend to help you review and revise your skills. This recording is ONLY available to the people who attened your specific course.