Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What Is NLP?

    A.Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, is described as the “Study of the structure of subjective experience”. With it’s roots in cybernetics, cognitive psychology and linguistics, NLP is a very useful model of how we think, behave and communicate. It was originally developed in the early 70’s by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, who studied the processes of excellent therapists. It has since been applied to fields as broad and disparate as self development, therapy, coaching, education, sports and business. To learn more about our NLP and a much more detailed description, click here.

  • Q.What Can It Be Used For?

    A.NLP may have begun by studying therapist, but very quickly it began being used in all sorts of fields. Because NLP is a model of the human mind, it is incredibly pragmatic and felixible and is constantly being applied to new areas with some incredible results. Simply put; whatever you do, NLP can make you better at it.

  • Q.Isn’t It Just An “Alternative Therapy”?

    A.This is a common misconception as NLP was first developed by studying successful therapists in the early 70’s. Although NLP can be used as a very effective therapy (the fast phobia cure is one of the most famous NLP “techniques”) it is not JUST a therapy and has been used in a broad range of fields since it began. In fact, one of the other early successes with NLP was in the field of education with the “spelling strategy”. NLP is and continues to be used in a broad range of areas and specialties.

  • Q.What Are The Key Benefits Of NLP?

    A.Because NLP is a model of how we think, behave and communicate it is excellent at:

    • Helping you control your emotional state. You can overcome fears and phobias, become more confident or motivated or anything else you want.
    • Improving your ability to communicate, gain rapport and make meaningful connections with people.
    • Accelerating your learning capabilities and critical thinking – you can use it to learn new skills easily and quickly.

    Read more about specific benefits here.

  • Q.Is The iPad REALLY Mine To Keep?

    A.Yes! It is loaded with your manual and other learning materials.

  • Q.What Qualification Do I Get?

    A.All our courses are certified by the Society of NLP and The Institute of Leadership and Management (other than the Advanced Master Practitioner qualification) and you get 3 months trail professional membership with the ANLP.

    To learn more about certification and qualification, please go here.

  • Q.I Want To Retrain As A Coach/Therapist/Trainer, Can You Help?

    A.Yes. I have trained many people who have gone on to set up their own successful private practices as coaches or therapists. I offer follow support and have written a best selling book on the subject here.

    If you want to be a therapist, I highly recommend you train to a minimum of Master Practitioner level to give you the skills and knowledge that you need. If you want to be a Coach, I offer the NLP Coach qualification.

  • Q.How Can I Pay?

    A.You can book online and pay by credit card via paypal, or you can be invoiced to pay via cheque or BACs.

  • Q.Can I Pay In Instalments?

    A.Yes. You pay a 10% non-refundable deposit to secure your place, and then you can spread the payments into easily manageable 6 monthly instalments.

  • Q.Do I Have To Do Any Pre-Work?

    A.No. I don’t agree with pre-work for NLP training for a number of reasons. What I offer instead is follow up support. You get additional learning materials as well as coaching sessions to make sure you have embedded your skills.

  • Q.Finally, Why Should I Train With You?!

    A.OK, here’s the self-aggrandising sales pitch…

    The NLP scene has exploded over the last 5 or 6 years so there are lots of people now offering NLP training. Many of these are inexperienced and lack the required knowledge and practice. I have been running NLP trainings for a decade, before I even thought about teaching NLP I ran a private coaching and therapy practice for 4 years. So I have a broad and deep level of practical hands on experience.

    I was the first person to set up an NLP training company in Birmingham AND in Cardiff. I am constantly innovating and was the first NLP trainer to offer dedicated follow up support and to use iPads for learning materials.

    I have trained with some of the top names in the field, I have written a number of top selling books on NLP, I have taken the time to get my courses recognised by 3 highly respected organisations; the Society of NLP, ILM and ANLP.

    I keep the groups very small and training has a very relaxed and personal feel. I teach NLP as it was meant to be taught, through stories, practical experiments and fun…